Monday, May 16, 2016

'Na Pir Anzus, Na Pir Manzus'  

The supporters of Mirwaiz Muhammad Farooq clashed with those of Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah in downtown Srinagar on 'Martyrs' Day' (July 13). We, journalists, went to cover it and also the rally that was subsequently held beside the 'Mazaar-e-Shohda' at Khawaja Bazaar and addressed by the Mirwaiz. 

In the evening, a similar rally that of the National Conference (NC) was being held at the venue and was to be addressed by the Sheikh and others. On seeing us sitting in a corner of the dais, a NC activist yelled "Ye'em hehar (I beg a pardon) aeassi subus homiss seeth. Waen chhi yete'h balaye lagmith." Being young and new to the profession, I angrily looked towards him but senior journalist (Late) JN Sathu asked to ignore him. 'Ma sun ath, wot'ch bronth kun,' came the counselling. Smiles on the faces of the Sheikh and other NC leaders. That should sum up the role we scribes do play although there are exceptions there. You have good, honest and professional people here and you have bad, dishonest and unprofessional too. Even worse.

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