Monday, July 21, 2014

For Local Consumption

Kashmir's legendary leader Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah was once asked why does he speak differently on same issues in Srinagar, Jammu and Delhi. He quipped, "For local consumption only'. It is not just his National Conference and its present leadership which are living up to the legacy but other political parties of the Himalayan state too seem to be following the 'principle' in letter and spirit, mainly on contentious issues. The NC government uses every strong means through police and other law enforcing agencies to ensure the voice of dissent doesn't reach the Srinagar headquarters of the United Nations Military Observers' Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP). But on July 16, its senior leader and Chief Minister Omar Abdullah uncle Sheikh Mustafa Kamal led a group of party activists to the UNMOGIP office to present a memorandum against the Israeli air strikes on the Gaza strip. That a day after Opposition PDP activists and supporters had marched along the streets of Srinagar to show solidarity with the Palestinians. It is different the Group officials refused to accept the NC memorandum on the plea their domain is Kashmir, not Gaza. The BJP too has played to the gallery. On a day when its government in Delhi refused to have any discussion on the Gaza situation in Parliament saying it could affect India's diplomatic ties with both Israel and Palestine, the party (BJP) workers were yelling 'Down with Israel' while marching along the streets of Srinagar. "We can't tolerate or remain silent spectators to the massacre of innocent Palestinians," vowed a senior local party leader as the BJP procession culminated into a rally at City's Mushtaq Press Enclave.   

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